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We are a Tribe of top performers who got sick of making other people rich and came together to rewrite the rules of the game.

We believe when we put THE AGENTS first, everyone wins - from the clients at the kitchen table all the way to the CEO.



    We have partnered with dozens of A-rated carriers nationwide and are 100% independent. We don't work for the carriers, we work for our clients.


    We invest heavily in marketing so our agents spend their time in front of people who have asked for help getting coverage. They spend the majority of their time SELLING rather than PROSPECTING.


    Our carrier contracts go up to 145% with our top life carriers, allowing the agent to keep more money in their pockets. Our agents are 100% vested in their renewals from Day One. And our innovative bonus program is the talk of the industry.


    We have the best training in the industry from active top producers on exactly how to replicate their results. There are NO FEES for training, CRM, events or convention - and we even pay for license training for new agents

If you're going to play the game,

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We have a relentless focus on what’s best for our agents.

If you have integrity, are competitive, and committed to excellence in your life, check out our opportunities.

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#1 value is INTEGRITY: Do what you say you're going to do and everything else falls into place.

Eric Hemati

Partner, Austin, TX

Working with this team in the industry is a game changer. The proof is in the pudding.

– Todd Hausberger

Vice President, Nashville, TN

The conferences, coaching and trainings have propelled my business 10X.

– Gerry Ruffino

Vice President, Hutto, TX

Our agents have taken this idea and RUN with it. It's such a privilege to belong to this Tribe!

– Dave Whichard

Partner, Roanoke, VA

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